It is my great honour and pride to introduce two very special people who have had a significant impact on my life and who are the inspiration behind the name Jack + Marion Trading Co., PWD's lifestyle home decor boutique retail space.

My parents, Jack and Marion, were both individuals who had a significant presence within the community. Their passion for life, creativity, and innovation was unparalledled, and their exemplary work ethic, determination and attention to detail in everything they did continue to inspire me today both personally and professionally as an interior designer. Both were actively involved in the Newmarket Jaycees and Jaycettes, a non-profit organization that supported businesses and community and spent many years volunteering in many local charities and organizations supporting mentally and physically disabled children. Sadly my father passed away at the young age of 40 on July 4th, 1970, when I was three years old. Widowed at just 32 with 3 young children, my mother instilled within me the importance of hard work, dedication, and commitment to her family. My parents' inherent love for Newmarket and involvement within the community was a great driving factor for why I chose to open the extension of Patti Wilson Design, on Main Street in the heart of Newmarket.

I attribute my success to my mother's unwavering belief in my abilities and Jack + Marion Trading Co. is the culmination of her love for her home and family, her passion for decorating and my desire to bring beautiful hand-selected and carefully curated local and internationally sourced home decor to our community.

The journey to launching Jack + Marion has been an adventure, to say the least, and will continue to be an adventure as the future of Jack + Marion unfolds. The boutique is a celebration of Jack + Marions memory and a nod to the town's rich heritage. My hope is that it will establish itself as a testament to their work ethic, determination, and my own love for creating beautiful spaces.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your continued support and encouragement. We cannot wait to welcome you!